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Veneers can sometimes be tricky to repair due. If a veneer has been badly damaged and needs replacing or part replacement, part of the fun can be locating the timber to match the existing piece.  We have a large selection of reclaimed timber through the centuries for this purpose. In a period piece of furniture this can bring issues.  At Sunnyside Antiques, we are constantly purchasing and acquiring what we term as ’breaker’ pieces which can yield useful timber and fixings to match the date, timber and grain of the antique piece requiring restoration. If you have an old piece of furniture which is sadly passed its best and might be making its way to the scrap heap, why not contact us.  Read our latest article 
Here is a beautiful Victorian Sutherland table which came to us in a very sorry state. There was extensive damage to the veneers and some sections lifting, bubbled and even missing! The missing veneers are supplied by a salvaged item of furniture from the same period. Once all the timber repairs have taken place, we prepare the table for French polishing. Care was taken to ensure the new French polish and colour matched with the old patina.

When dealing with a piece of significant value or rarity, it is important that great attention is paid to the original workmanship, timber and patina whilst conserving as much of the original work and preserving as much character and value as possible.  Therefore, a full understanding of the client's requirements are critical in getting a balance of differing and sympathetic approaches in order to achieve the correct and desired outcome.
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